Park Hye Jin


As part of my Communication & Multimedia Design major, I got the assignment to create a promotional campaign for an upcoming artist. The artist I decided to create this for was Park Hye Jin, as her career story inspired me and gave me ideas on how to tackle this challenge.

The goal of the assignment was to hypothetically sell out 4 different shows, so the scale of the campaign is obviously intended to be large.


The logo design creates a combination of Park Hye Jin's birth country, South Korea, and the image of a character which connects to her current visual style where she herself is the center in most artwork, photos and interviews.


In order to create a unique style, I created a custom font to be combined with media outlets and her visual style. This font is a custom version of the Rigid Square font, customized to create a more digital appearance to connect with the music she produces.

Visual Style

Combining Park Hye Jin's favourite colours, a digital style that fits her music and target audience, and the colours that reflect her personality clearly, the visual style has become a combination of a two-tone background and ASCII art which adds colour depth to the image.



Application design

Let's work.