Monolyth is a record label concept I worked on in 2020. This was developed with the concept of creating unique themed albums with various artists, with the central theme being a monolith. Unfortunately, the label was never published.


The Monolyth logo went through various design stages before settling on a final concept, with 5 different designs being on the final list. We eventually decided to settle on this one, as it allowed itself to be used as an icon well, while also being unique enough to be recognised on it's own.

Font choice

Alata Regular


Colour scheme





Website design

Landing page

The landing page displayed the latest release with it's artwork, making it a dynamic piece that changes frequently as new information gets published.

Interaction links

To create a sense of community between the label and it's supporters, the goal was to promote social media and Monolyth's networks as clearly as possible.

Release page

The label's release pages had to feature a lot of information as cleary as possible, such as the tracklist, a list of links to platforms, featured artists, the duration and other releases by the artist. Together, we managed to pack this into a clear and interesting page.

Artist page

With visual and musical artists working hard on content, both of them deserved their own pages on the website. We did this by creating a page where all their work is featured, as well as their social links so visitors can easily find interaction with the artist.

Development work

As the website was one of the most important parts before launching the label, a lot of work went into polishing the development work. Below is a list of unqiue features I've created to make the experience as easy as possible.

  • Created a synchronized system that connects musical artists, visual artists and their work seamlessly.
  • Automated a big portion of the website, so all that had to be added was the release and it's information.
  • Full Wordpress integration using Advanced Custom Fields, making everything customizable and quick.
  • An easy way to submit music or get in touch with the label using Gravity Forms.
  • Smooth animations on pages to create a flowing web experience, using the AOS.js library.

Let's work.