Ilse in Huis


Ilse in Huis is a Dutch interior designer that commisioned me for a new website that shows her services and previous work, while also creating a central place to redirect people to if they are curious about her work.

We worked together to create an optimal showcase of her projects, work method and contact options.

Visual Choices

We decided to give images and borders on the website a rough edge, giving it a more playful look instead of something serious. This element is re-used on most of the website, unless it's distracting to the viewer.

There is a common returning element on the website for reviews, which is added into a slider which allows potential customers to easily get an impression on how her work has impressed others.

Optimised for mobile

An ever growing amount of website visitors comes from mobile devices. In order to create a proper experience for the mobile viewer, the website was created with a mobile-first approach in mind.

This resulted in a website that's easy to use on all devices, ranging from mobile, to small displays like tablets and laptops, to high resolution computer screens.

Let's work.