Vortex Entertainment

Vortex Entertainment is an Esports production company. They approached me to work together on their 2019-2020 branding by reworking their intermission screen that is used inbetween esports matches. This was supposed to show any crucial information a user might need: the live standings, latest results, upcoming games. It also required the sponsors that allow Vortex Entertainment to become the solid production company they are supposed to be.


When working on the first concepts for Vortex, I immediately realized that it was important to bring back the green as much as I can. It adds a great contrast to a dark image, while not being distracting by itself like brighter green tints would. I started experimenting with the background first, in which I scaled up the logo of Vortex Entertainment and played around with various light leaks and lighting positions, as seen below. I also tried a messier and a cleaner approach to see if I could go a bit more artistic without it becoming too distracting.


For the content placement, I started by adding up all the content that was necessary on the website and ended up creating the layout that is used in the second concept. I eventually decided to throw it around a bit and experiment with the text placements and implement team logos in concept 1. Later on, concept 3 and 4 were added as a variation to try something completely different and see how that would impact the user. The people I asked, voted for concept 1 because it would display all crucial information in a balanced way compared to what the other concepts tried.





Other Work

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