Hyraxe – Akane (Remix)

“Akane is an ironic character who in essence was confused about what her purpose in life was”


This Akane remix is a return of a long hiatus for Hyraxe, releasing their first song in almost a year. I brought out my best skills to make sure the return and the new track gained the attention it needed.


In this design, I used the Gladiolus flower, which stands for strength of character, something that resonates well with with purpose in life. Working that idea out, I decided to apply the pink and purple tone that was used for the original track on Soundcloud. This makes it recognizable for people that have listened to the original track. The pixel sorting effect is something I’ve applied for Hyraxe several times. It’s something I brought back to implement consistency in my work for them. Pixel sorting creates a rough, distorted look that adds a bit of depth to the already detailed piece.

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