Alles Mossel Campaign

A project for the Good Fish Foundation

Together with 3 other students, I created a campaign for the Good Fish Foundation. This campaign promoted the consumption of mussels among students, as it is a great alternative to meat with both it's nutrients and the much smaller carbon footprint.

"How do we convince students to consume more mussels, reducing the consumption of less nature friendly fish?"

This was the main question, which resulted in us developing a campaign that focuses on making mussels unavoidable. Ranging from large mussels at super markets to handing out free recipe books, we wanted to put the mussel on the map by giving it a fresh new look to compliment the mussel popping up in student places around entire country.

Since I was mainly in charge of the research phase of this project, I was not very involved in the design process. Despite that, I worked on the website design which was based on the style created by one of the other students part of this project.

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