About Me

My name's Ronan, I'm a 21-year-old design and communication student from The Netherlands. I started designing things for fun when I was 13, when I was mainly helping out friends with some gaming related designs.

From those humble beginnings, I've gone on and learned front-end web development and various other forms of design. I've worked with companies ranging from musical artists, to sports teams, esports teams, and charities that fit my beliefs.

Aside from my interest in design, I'm a huge fan of travelling and I have recently resided in South Korea for six months to study at Hanyang University, where I learned more about the basics of data science and human behavior in relation to advertising.

Previous Clients

My design timeline

  1. Protocol Recordings

    As part of my University Major, I am doing an internship at Nicky Romero's Protocol Recordings, where I will be working on create content as well as artwork and other release-related content.

  2. Hanyang University in South Korea

    During my exchange at Hanyang University in Ansan (Gyeonggi-do), South Korea, I studied globalization and several topics related to sociology. During these courses I contributed to Wikipedia, Wikivoyage, and Wikidata as part of my learning process and also wrote two full articles. I also studied basic Korean as part of this exchange program.

  3. Liquipedia administrator

    Liquipedia is the world's biggest esports wiki. They promoted me as a member of the League of Legends wiki after already contributing to the wiki for 2 years, working on database related things as well as helping decide the direction of the League of Legends section of the website. Since then, we've made great efforts in providing more match data and converting transfer data to teampages.

  4. Propaedeutic degree in Communication & Multimedia Design

    After starting my major in Communication and Multimedia Design in August 2020, I acquired my propaedeutic degree to wrap up my first year. I learned about Arduino, interactive experiences, and the process behind creating marketing campaigns.

  5. Received my degree in Graphic Design

    At ROC Rivor I studied design and acquired a deep understanding of Adobe software like InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Experience Design. This laid a great foundation to further my studies at HU University of Applied Sciences later on. With a specialisation in Interaction Design, I received my degree in July 2020.

  6. Refracted Records

    Over the span of nearly 2 years, I worked with Refracted Records to create their album covers and social media content, with work for artists like Modus, Four Eyes, Finder, and Soar.